What's a Bettie?

Some people name their cars, I named my art bag. About 7 years ago there was a trend on the interwebs that everoyne shared what's in their purse. I don't really carry one anymore, so I made a page dedicated to what is currently in my art bag.

Why do you have an art bag?

Admittedly, I don't leave the house much, but when I do if it's not for errands it is to take pictures. The art bag is for if I want to do a quick sketch of something or if I go to a game shop during a tournament, I'll just sit off to the side until everyone is done. It takes my mind off of my raging case of social anxiety.

What's currently in Bettie:

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    Pencil Case
  • Tombow Brush Pen - black
  • Sakura Micron Fine Liner - 0.5 black
  • Random mechanical pencil I found on the ground years ago - 0.7mm
  • Refills for the 0.7mm pencil
  • Prismacolor Plastic Eraser
  • General's Drawing Pencil - 2b
  • Cheap set of watercolor brushes (a small pointed one, a medium pointed one, and a large mop brush)
  • Binder clip I stole off of my husband
  • Blue washi tape
  • MUJINHUA charcoal pencils x2 - black, white soft
  • General's Pencil Sharpener that came with my drawing pencils

    Altoids Tin
  • Sennelier Oil Pastel - Black
  • Sennelier Oil Pastel - White
    Note: These things are anywhere from $4 - $7 a piece so these are the only colors I have ever bought.

  • Large plastic medicine bottle for pencil shavings and other trash
  • Pacon UCreate Poly Cover Sketch Book
  • Canson XL Mix Media Paper Pad
  • Carabiner Clip to hang a water bottle off of
  • Mungyo Aquarelle Oils Pastels - 12 set
  • Mungyo Gallery Oil Pastels - 12 set
  • Spectrum Noire Tri-Color Aqua Markers - 9 color set

    Pencil Case #2
  • Amazon Basics Colored Pencils - 24 set